Why Gym When You Have To Work? Let’s Build You This 1 Special Office Gym That Makes You Exercise

When Was The Last Time You Exercise?

One year ago? Five years ago? Or ten years ago? It’s not surprising people spend time to work work work every day but never have time for exercise. You go through many happy work anniversaries but not one happy workout anniversary. But why gym if you can get by without working out?

Your Body Is Slowly Losing Shape And Health!

Look at your stomach! It got so big so fast, and you know it. Your stomach was lean and movable. Now, it is like a balloon. If you have considered doing something about it, you don’t have the time and energy to exercise after work. This article will show you how to fit your gym schedule into your work schedule. Worse yet, you don’t sit upright anymore; you are stuck in a weird sitting position working, and it becomes a habit. Just slowly becoming this guy:

Work Memes: This is exaggerated, but I hope it reminds you to exercise and sit upright.

Why Does Work From Home Need To Exercise More Than Ever?

Since working from home became the norm, people only stayed in their beds day and night. Before working from home, you may need to walk at least 5,000 steps to get to work, and this is considered good exercise now. Now you get to lay in bed to sleep and wake up for work. You must get up and force yourself to exercise mentally; making yourself exercise is hard.

Eliminate Why Gym By Setting Up A Workout Environment

By setting up a workout environment, you eliminate the why gym in your mind. Your environment will motivate you to exercise more. Having an office gym will naturally make you want to get to work and get more workouts!

Play Workout Songs

Workout songs effectively remove the “why gym?” in your mind and get your mind ready for work, work, work, and workouts! It will change your thinking positively with the lyrics. The music will energize you to want to move along. You will sing along with the workout songs and start exercising in no time!

Play Workout Videos

There are hundreds of workout videos online. You will slowly understand the importance of working out and healthy diets when you watch more. You will take advantage of the work-from-home situation and use it to improve your health knowledge.

Set A Goal

Setting a goal will help you decide how much workout you need. Maybe all you need is to lose your stomach and plan accordingly:

  • You set a goal you want to achieve.
  • You start to visualize how good it is to achieve the goal. How your life will be different?
  • You find posters with your dream outcome and put them on the wall so you can look at them daily.
  • You set your daily workout schedule to achieve your goal.

Leg Exercise Machine

Since working from home has become the norm, many leg exercise machines have been invented for use during work. With a leg exercise machine, you will naturally start working out during work. Below is an example of a treadmill for a standing desk:

Leg Exercise Machine


With this knowledge in mind, you will eliminate the why gym in your mind and be motivated to work out during work. You play workout songs in your office and have a goal that will transform your health. Your body will slowly get stronger without noticing because exercise becomes a part of your life.

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