Undercover Billionaire’s Surviving To Thriving Guide For The Unemployment In PA, in 90 Days

How Is This Billionaire Able To Help With The Unemployment In Erie, PA?

unemployment in erie pa
Work Memes: COVID has passed a long time, but still an excuse for unemployment.

The unemployment rate in Pennsylvania is at a record low in 2023. This is very good news and a surprise, especially since the employment situation was not good for the last couple of years. The unemployment in PA was not that good at the beginning. The unemployment situation changed in Pennsylvania after a billionaire arrived secretively in the small town of Erie. The billionaire didn’t donate money; he asked for money in Erie. How does this billionaire help the unemployment in Erie, PA?

Why Does This Undercover Billionaire Go to This Small Town, Erie?

Is it because there is a goldmine?

Is it because the town has a lot of potential?

Is it because the town is giving out big tax cuts?

The undercover billionaire didn’t come to Erie for profits. The undercover billionaire is trying to show people by working hard. They can also be successful. The undercover billionaire came to the town with only $100, and he will need to work his way to one million dollars in 90 days.

Without help, connections, or resources in a small town, he will have to survive and thrive in this unknown environment. If he could do it in this environment, everybody could do it if they were willing to work hard.

As a side effect, he helps the unemployment in Erie, PA.

How This Undercover Billionaire From Unemployed To Millionaire With Nothing In 90 Days

Doing Anything For Money

Because of the unemployment in Erie, PA, the undercover billionaire has issues looking for a job. He tried to be a dog toy salesman and resell tires but failed. Finally, he met a shirt store owner and begged for a job. The store owner later became a valuable person who helped him to make millions. The billionaire was not picky when he looked for a job. He knows by working hard, any job will make him millions.

Building Connections

As the billionaire worked on his goal, he met many people who helped him achieve it. Without those people, he wouldn’t be able to make millions quickly. By building connections and motivating people to work hard toward his goal, he can achieve his goal. Even his first boss in Erie was the biggest help he could find. He went find knowing no one to get a bunch of people to help him is one of his success secrets.

Getting Help From The Government

There are a lot of government resources available. Many people wouldn’t take advantage of it. The billionaire uses the government’s help to determine a good business idea in Erie. The government has access to many business data and will use them to help you make a better decision.

Side Hustles

The undercover billionaire does not have any money in the beginning. He was willing to do anything for money. His job didn’t provide him enough money. He had to make more money to fund his business by reselling tires, cars, and houses. Your side hustles are also an important source of income; the extra cash can help you achieve your dream sooner.

Have A Great Dream

The undercover billionaire uses his job and side hustle to achieve his dream. He was willing to go through many hardships to work toward his dream. He knows by showing what he can do in 90 days, people will believe there are opportunities everywhere. He has been living off the street, getting sick, and continues because he wants to show that everybody can also achieve their dream if they try.

Never Give Up

The undercover billionaire has failed many times in his 90-day journey to becoming a millionaire. He has failed to get a job. He failed to find a place to live, his house had problems during renovation, and his negotiation to rent a restaurant failed. However, he never gave up. Even though everything failed, he decided to win the food contest at the festival and become popular before opening his restaurant. He wouldn’t have achieved this success if he had given up in the middle of the journey.

Result Of The Unemployment In PA Now

Showing people that success is possible in Pennsylvania makes them willing to work hard. Unemployment In PA has continuously dropped. If the unemployment in Erie, PA, was not stopping the undercover billionaire from making millions in 90 days, they should also be able to live a comfortable life.


Even though the economy was not that bright, the opportunities still exist. The good unemployment rate in PA shows us that by believing we can make it by working hard, we can also live the dream we want. If the PA can change so much by believing in themselves, every other state can achieve the same thing. You don’t need a billionaire to show you what you can do to start working hard to your dream.

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