Watch Out For The Finest Talented Man Playing Violin In Subway At 8 AM With His Most Expensive Violin

There Were A Million Dollars Worth Concert Played In Subway Anonymously

Work Memes: Maybe your co-workers are talented musicians.

The finest talented man, Joshua Bell, had played violin in the subway with his million-dollar-worth violin once in the subway. Thousands of people passed by this subway concert, and you might be one of them. You might be one of those people who missed this concert right in front of your eyes. There are many explanations for this phenomenon, and my explanation is about showing your domain expertise.

How Much Would This Subway Concert Worth To Domain Experts?

Out of 1,097 people that passed by Bell, 27 gave money, and only seven actually stopped and listened for any length of time.
In total, Bell made $52.17 (£42.18). And this includes a $20 note from someone who recognised him.

The time when Joshua Bell went busking in the subway, and no-one noticed

To most people, his music is not even worth listening to. They are too busy in their world and have no time for some enjoyment, even the enjoyment worth millions of dollars.

Let’s see how much Joshua Bell is worth for the domain experts.

How Much Was Joshua Bell, The Man Playing Violin, Made Per Concert?

Joshua Bell made a minimum of $75,000 per concert. This is upwards of $1,000 per minute! This is a vast difference compared to the $52.17 from the subway experiment.

He’s one of the finest classical musicians in the world. He plays to packed audiences all around the world, making upwards of $1,000 per minute.


Joshua Bell Violin Price

It was good that the passengers didn’t know the Joshua Bell violin price in the subway concert. The violin is worth $14 million. Just the violin is enough to pay to have a look.

Joshua Bell purchased the violin for nearly $4 million, selling his own $2 million 1732 Tom Taylor Strad.

Joshua Bell’s Net Worth

Joshua Bells’ net worth is $15 million. If his violin is worth $14 million, most of his worth is from his violin.

What We Learned From This Experience?

People Are Too Focus On Themselves And Don’t Have Time To Enjoy Their Surrounding

This is a very interesting observation. We are all too busy and never have time for ourselves. We have been spending time on day-to-day routines and don’t have enough time for our lives. There are many amazing things around us; all we need to do is open our eyes to see them.

Most People Won’t Notice The Differences After A Certain Expertise Level

People in the subway could not recognize the music was from an expert. They think the violin and the musician are no different from their everyday subway musicians even though they are 1000 times better than the other musicians.

How You Position Your Area Of Expertise Will Make A Big Difference

If you put any top talented musicians in a subway, they will make no more than a mid-level musician. The musicians are more valuable because of how much they have worked to stand out from the crowd. They had repeatedly been proven that they knew what they were doing. They have built a connection with many experts in the field and admire each other’s work. An expert needs to know how to demonstrate their domain expertise; otherwise, they would not be able to have the resources they need to be most effective.


Next time you see a man playing violin in the subway, you will stay a little longer to enjoy the music. You will learn to enjoy the little things around you instead of letting the daily routine drown you. Of course, you also understand being the domain expert will make a huge difference in how people recognize you. You will start working on demonstrating your domain expertise to others, building your network, and being the expert of your career.

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