I Want To Resign Every Single Day – Resign If Under 70% In This Accurate Quiz

I Want To Resign Every Single Day. What To Do?

Once in a while, resignment will pop up in people’s minds. Many times, this thought will disappear after a while. Working is hard and tiring, and it is understandable to have resignment in your mind. However, it is not good if you want to resign daily.

Imagine the first thought in the morning: “I want to resign” every single day. This will have a negative impact mentally and physically. You know you must resign without taking the Should I Quit My Job quiz. However, you can still take the “Should I Quit My Job Quiz” to see if you should quit.

Don’t Quit Without Taking The “Should I Quit My Job Quiz”!

Many people decided to quit because they were stressed at that moment. Quitting unnecessarily is bad because the next job may not come easily. Many said, “I quit my job and ruined my life.” The reason is that they quit without any purpose, and the next job is just as bad. You should take the “Should I Quit My Job Quiz” to know if you really need a change with your current job first.

Should I Quit My Job Quiz

Before submitting your resignation letter, let’s take a quiz to make sure your resignation is really right for you:

If you score over 70%, there is no reason to quit your job, and you probably love your job.

Re-evaluate Your Career Goal Before Quitting

The first thing before quitting is not writing a resignation letter. If you quit without a purpose, it means you lack a career goal. I am not talking about a better salary. There are many jobs with better salaries. You need to evaluate the career growth in other companies. Can you learn more in your next job? Can you rise in the next company a lot faster? Without a career goal, you cannot answer these questions. You can learn more about career goals in You Won’t Find The Best Job In The World Without Having 1 Career Goal.

How To Resign From A Toxic Job?

how to quit a job over text
Work Memes: This is a bad quitting example

A toxic job is a job that makes you think, “I want to resign,” every single day. Depending on the job, you need to be careful when quitting. For a small company, you will never go back; you can leave the job, but you will lose a lot of connections. For a big company, you will want to give two weeks’ notice to leave on good terms to get a chance to return to the company and get a good review. It is always best to collect connections before quitting. Don’t burn the bridge even if you have multiple offers because you may return to the old company someday.

How To Quit A Job Over Text?

Never quit in a text only. You also want to send them an email to confirm you are quitting. Quitting with a text-only is not professional and not formal. Here is a resignation text message example.

If you work from home, you may want to get on a call or a video session with your manager. Try to be professional when quitting and make your leave as swift as possible. It is good for the company and you.


It is normal to quit and find the next opportunity. In the past, people stayed in one job for most of their life. Now, people are job hopping because hiring is getting competitive. People in the past did not need that many skills to do the job, and the company environments are very similar. People with domain expertise are now hard to find, and good companies have better environments.

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