Why Don’t People Believe In Your Domain Expertise When Applying For A Job? It Is Because Of The Unreliable Resume Paper. This Guide Will Get You The 1 Job You Want

Stop If You Only Have A Resume Paper When Applying For A Job

Frequently, people only have a resume when applying for a job. It is because this is what they are being taught, and it is the easiest way to apply for a job. However, a resume paper does not show you as a person. The interviewers cannot evaluate your skill level and personality just by reading a paper. You could have ten years of experience, but one A4 paper will not be enough to show what you have done. We will discuss the better alternatives to demonstrate your area of expertise. Knowing this will make a one-year candidate more attractive than an expert with ten years of experience.

If you have over ten years of experience and wonder why some young kids steal your job, this article will show you why and how to win the interview game by demonstrating your domain expertise.

Understand Your Domain Expertise Should Not Be Defined By Your Resume Paper

Work Memes: People won’t believe you are the domain expertise because of your resume.

Once you understand this simple idea, you will expand your area of expertise outside the resume. I am sure 90% of people get hired because of their resumes. This will only get them an average job that comes along without any control. They will spend ten hours polishing their resumes, resulting in an average resume that is not much better than a college graduate. Some companies would rather find a college that can learn because they cannot see your area of expertise from your resume.

Knowing how to show your domain expertise outside your resume will put you at 10% of people. This is the reason why people are using LinkedIn even though they are not using LinkedIn effectively. This article will show you how to use LinkedIn as a social media instead of a resume. After learning about how to demonstrate your domain expertise, companies will start to contact you and give you an offer. You will be in control of your career in jobs or salaries.

Ways To Demonstrate Your Area Of Expertise


By blogging about your domain expertise, you will allow people to find and follow you. People will know you and learn from you. Your credibility and connections will build up slowly. When applying for a job with your blog, people will understand your passion for your work. Updating your blog occasionally will put you ahead of 99% of the people. You will be amazed by how simple articles can be useful to many people and companies.

The upside of blogging is that you can collect your contacts and fully control your website.

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YouTube is another source for people to find helpful content. It is more difficult to use than a blog, but it also has a great source of audience. If your work is related to making videos or marketing, having a YouTube channel could mean a lot to your employer.

Social Media

You can improve your social media presence if you dislike writing long and deep articles. This way, you will get more people to know you and build connections. With social media, you have to focus on your work, but you don’t have to be “work work work” in every post. You need to have enough posts to demonstrate your domain expertise but still be fun for people to watch. The type of social media content could be “happy work anniversary” or “teamwork makes the dream work,” something more casual.


A lot of people treat LinkedIn as their resume paper. LinkedIn is also a social media. Instead of asking, “How to add a resume to LinkedIn?” you should ask, “Is LinkedIn social media?”. People use LinkedIn for connections. Agencies using LinkedIn to contact other business owners. LinkedIn’s mission is:

Connect the world’s professionals to make them more productive and successful.

About LinkedIn

The right way to use LinkedIn is to add connections and start being a content creator on LinkedIn. Slowly, you will have many followers and companies looking for you.

Here is a guide on how to market on LinkedIn: How to market on LinkedIn

Examples For College Graduates And Senior Employees

College Graduates Example

As a college graduate, you can start documenting your learning NOW! You will attract many people who are also interested in your study. You increase your visibility by documenting your journey with blogging or social media. Very soon, you attracted a bunch of beginners, and they could be your connections or referrals. You will know which company is hiring firsthand and be the top candidate in the employer’s mind.

Senior Employees Example

As a senior employee, you already have a job but may still want a better environment or more job security. By teaching others on your blog, you will attract people who need your help. You will be the source of solutions, and people will look for you. Your posts will show people you are the solution they need. You will have options to many offers because of your domain expertise and demands.


Hopefully, this article will change your mindset when looking for a job. By taking action from this article, you will have jobs looking for you instead. Employers will know your domain expertise and try to get to you. You could be the most knowledgeable person in the world, but no one knows about this yet. Now, you should have the tools you need to demonstrate your area of expertise.

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