Best Sport Watches And Best Caffeine Pills To Boost Your Energy Level To 100%

If “Is Starbucks Open” Always In Your Mind, This Article Will Tell You Why

If you look online, you will find many articles about “Is Starbucks Open during X holiday?”:

It shows people need coffee even when they don’t have to work.

Many people have to go to Starbucks as their first stop every morning. Coffee has become their addiction. Addicts are not fully awake without a coffee in their hands in the morning. Coffee is a dangerous addiction because people get addicted without being aware of it. If people know how addictive coffee can be, they will know to avoid it like beer or cigarettes. If you ask, “What time does Starbucks close?” you will need this article even more to lower your caffeine intake and boost your energy.

Even Worse Is “What time does Starbucks close?”

Asking, “What time does Starbucks close?” means you need coffee at night. It might mean you are overworked, or coffee has become an inseparable part of your life. People ask, “Is Starbucks Open?” or “What time does Starbucks close?” because coffee itself is addictive, and with the good taste of Starbucks, it is irresistible.

Stop Caffeine Addiction And Boost Your Natural Energy Level

Before we work on your caffeine addiction, you need to cure the source of using caffeine. Caffeine is only a support. You need a good night’s sleep to recharge your energy throughout the day. Our article Using These 4 Magical Deep Sleep Meditations Will Give You The Deepest Core Sleep will show you meditations that will enhance your core sleep quality.

The Best Sport Watches To Track Sleep Quality

You will need to know the statistics to analyze your sleep quality to sleep better. We will show you the best sport watches you can use to know how well you sleep and how to improve.

Garmin Instinct

Garmin Instinct is a complete sports watch to track your sleep quality. It is not just for sleep analysis but also useful for workout and health tracking:

Best Sport Watches

Smallest Fitness Tracker

Many people don’t need a tactical watch for their lifestyle. Also, tactical watches like Garmin Watches are too big to use during exercise or sleep. Fitbit is a good alternative for the smallest fitness tracker you can use throughout the day.

smallest fitness tracker
Fitbit Force

Find The Best Caffeine Pills And Only Use Them Sparingly

After you track your sleep quality, you know the days when you are low on energy. You know you will need some extra boost for that day. Since you cannot choose when to work, you must prepare yourself to sleep well. However, sleeping well may not happen daily for everyone. Here is where some stay-awake pills come in.

Stop Caffeine Substances During Weekend

Just take a nap during the weekend if you are tired. You should not rely on substances to stay awake when your body needs rest. Try to lower caffeine intake and improve your natural energy level before using stay-awake pills.

Why Caffeine Pills And Not Coffee?

Coffee is nice to enjoy for a sweet morning. It does give you a spike of energy in the morning. It also makes you crave more in the afternoon and at night. First, you only need coffee for the spike of energy, but slowly, you rely on it for the spike of energy in the afternoon and at night. That’s when you know you are addicted. You crave coffee even when you shouldn’t. If you have an extra coffee in the afternoon, it stops you from having a quality sleep. It will reinforce the coffee addiction slowly.

What’s Different About Caffeine Pills?

These stay-awake pills will dissolve slowly throughout the day. It will provide you with the right amount of energy bit by bit. Instead of absorbing all the caffeine, you will intake the correct amount to avoid the sharp spike and sharp crash the coffee brings. Caffeine pills also remove the need for sweeteners or ingredients that will damage your health.


In the end, the quality of your sleep is most important. You need to train yourself to have a good quality of core sleep. You take caffeine pills on bad sleep days tracked by the fitness watch. With caffeine pills, you release yourself from the reliance on coffee for sudden energy spikes throughout the day. Coffee may give you a spike in energy but will also cause a sudden crash. The best caffeine pills will give you steady energy without the extra sweets or calories that will affect your health.

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