You Won’t Find The Best Job In The World Without Having 1 Career Goal

Why Some People Hate Their Job?

Work Memes: Many people live their lives like this

I have seen people working for over ten years, but they hate their job. Why would you do what you hated for over ten years? Why don’t you try to find a job you enjoy? With ten years, you probably thought they would find the best job in the world ever. However, they are stuck in a job they hate and think this is their life.

They fail to find the best job ever because they don’t know about the work formula to set their career goals.

How To Find A Career You Love By Setting A Career Goal

Every single job is the best job ever for someone. People are stuck in a job they dislike because they never spent the time to review their interests in the beginning. They get their first job by accident and are stuck in their job and never think about the alternatives again. It is hard to think about yourself when you must work every day. Slowly, you improve the work skills you hate, but you never do anything you love.

Spending a week or two to reflect on your career goal will set your path straight again.

Turn Your Hobby Into Domain Expertise

By working on your hobby, you are turning it into domain expertise because it is what you love. It is the best job ever if you gain recognition doing it. This recognition will reinforce your hobby skillset, and very soon, you become the domain expert of your hobby.

How To Set Your Career Goal?

What Is Taken Into Account When Determining a Person’s Career Path?


You have been working for too long. The only time you enjoy your life is the 1-2 week vacation in a year. You’ve forgotten what you truly enjoy doing. Now is the time to reflect on what you love to do. What is your hobby? The best job in the world could just be what you enjoy doing.

Work-Life Balance

There are some jobs you have to work in the night shifts. Maybe you have to work the night shift as an emergency doctor, managing offshore teams, or as a hotel manager. You must consider if you are willing to change your schedule to fit into the new career path. Do some research and see if the career will conflict with your lifestyle.

Career Growth

Most careers will have career growth. You need to research if the career growth will lead to what you want to be. Some people want faster career growth by working hard; some don’t want to be a manager, or it will devour more time after your career growth. It’s always good to have career growth, but you must check if the growth is right for you.

What Is Not Taken Into Account When Determining A Person’s Career Path?


It is good to make money, but after a certain point, you won’t feel much happiness from making more money. That’s why people get upset after working in a job they don’t like for ten years. They already made enough money but are wasting time doing what they dislike. Do not choose a job because of money. All jobs will make lots of money if you invest your time and energy to grow your career.

Company Prestige

It is an achievement to work in a big company. You make more money, better benefits, and better job security. However, you may not like your job. Having a big company job experience will look great on your resume. If you don’t like your work, find a new job with the job experience. You can use your big company experience in your resume and find the best job in the world for you.

In this Reddit post, some guy dislikes their job even if it has great benefits, but everyone encouraged him to quit: Would you work a job you hate for 10 yrs to RE at 45?

Job Security

If you are stuck in a company because it is your first job or the fear of not finding a job, you will slowly waste your time working in a job you like. The longer you wait, the more you will lose when switching to a desired career path. You will have to lose a higher-salary job you hated, trying to switch to a junior-level role you love. It is almost best to go for your career path, but doing so early will prevent a lot of drawbacks.

Finding The Best Job In The World For You

Here is a list of how to find a career you love work formulas specific to different industries:


Choose a job you love because you will do it for your life. By doing what you love, you will be the domain expert and gain recognition from the field. This is the opposite of doing what you don’t like because of money or job security.

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